Womanhood – an interactive art project by Pippa Davismoon and Charlotte Morrison

Womanhood is described as “the state of being a woman”. But what does that really mean? There are many and varied stories surrounding women and their experiences.

We are interested in exploring some of the aspects of womanhood by using our skills as artists. To make visible experiences associated with being a woman – experiences that are not always acknowledged or talked about openly.

This is now 2 years ago – and already we have made work that relates to embodied experiences of women.

We have begun to explore the unseen and the unheard.

Now we are ready to begin the next stage – an art residency in a caravan!

In October 2016 we undertake a short art residency at the Cambridge Artworks, UK.

And this is where our interactive art project begins….

For 3 weeks the caravan will become a place where different aspects of womanhood are explored through language and objects. It will be a place where experiences and knowledge is shared and archived. A constantly changing installation – a place of activity and interactions.

Some of what we see, hear and discover during the residency will be incorporated into artworks – both during and after the residency. So follow this trail if you want to discover what happened next….

And do PARTICIPATE if you are able to…. Either here on the blog…. or by visiting us in the caravan during October 2016.